Traveling the North

Traveling some part of Northern Luzon, Philippines made my heart filled with joy, fun and excitement. Spending vacation in these cool places is highly recommended to other travelers. It may take a long hour’s land travel but it’s surely worth it, and driving around the province without any traffic is an adventure. VIGAN - Our... Continue Reading →

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My First Step in Photography

I love to travel and capture different places and views. I used to enjoy taking photos randomly in a simple way. Honestly, I never had an idea of what should be the proper view and angle in taking photos. I just did everything for fun and I never see myself doing a photography works someday.... Continue Reading →

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you are not the priority others are better than you you never learn you're not good you never improve your a failure what did you know? you cannot do that we have no choice The most common statements heard and feel from people who don't believe and thinks that you are worthless. People who never... Continue Reading →

Struggles in Darkness

“I see a lot of beauty in the things I find dark and scary"   -Brooke Shaden Great pictures taken during night time with beautiful city lights or fireworks are very interesting. But trying a night photography on your own is quite challenging. Correct camera settings are needed in order to create a good one. Proper... Continue Reading →

Live Positively

when life is full of negative thoughts around, and you locked yourself inside your room to cry... wake up stand up get out face it live with it in a positive way

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