My First Step in Photography

I love to travel and capture different places and views. I used to enjoy taking photos randomly in a simple way. Honestly, I never had an idea of what should be the proper view and angle in taking photos. I just did everything for fun and I never see myself doing a photography works someday.

Yes, I was really amazed with beautiful images posted by great photographers over the net. And I admit that there is something in my mind that says ‘I want to do it and I also like to capture nice images too’. But maybe I do not have the time and courage to try it seriously.

Until an opportunity came and all I did was to grab it happily. My interest of learning photography made me realize that aside from my profession, I can still do some other things as a passion that i really love to. Although, this was never been that easy for newbies like me. I have to listen very carefully, keep my mind on focus and remember every details about doing a photography. I know I have to take some time to practice in order to learn more and familiarize myself with every camera settings.

Since I enjoyed our first workshop, what I did was took an everyday photos alone during my free time for almost a week. Some of my photos were good and most of it are not, I knew this are not perfect. Well, its okay because I’m still in process of learning. I also knew that most of my camera settings were wrong and i did not capture the way my mind wants to do it.

This proves me that there is always a creative ideas behind every photographer’s mind before they capture a single photo. While others merely have their talent. But for me, what I really love about photography is simply the feeling of happiness I have in my heart while capturing photos.

Here are some of my photos taken as trial and error.

Taking photos in the dark area or night time seems hard, so I captured this one with a spot light.
While this one is during day time with sunlight. I tried to compare photos I captured during night and day time at same place.
Just tried a portrait style with his cute smile. I think there is no problem with the lightning but I  think I should be capture the whole face next time.
Creative shot trial, should have one thing on focus that the viewer would notice the subject first rather than the background.
Another creative shot but the subject is in blur effect while the background is clear. I like this one, and I think its better although I did not make perfectly.
This one is taken inside a room. This shot used to be very dark at first so I do change the settings manually.
This is one of night photography trial and yes,  I really struggled taking photos during in the dark.
I thought the camera hangs but I think it was the wrong combination of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. I usually experience this when taking photos at night time.
The view of Ayala Triangle at during early morning. A better time for me to capture photos is with the sunlight.
I’m not sure if this is what they called Landscape photography, i just tried this one that makes the grass looks bigger but the subject is the building in front.


As I took my first step in photography I started to build the courage, willingness and determination. Well, thanks to my friend who used to be my instructor for this. Credits for the patience while sharing knowledge in photography. I’am grateful for every learning shared and being the first person who truly believes me in this matter. This truly inspires me and hope that sharing this experience of my very first step in photography will inspire others too.



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