Struggles in Darkness

“I see a lot of beauty in the things I find dark and scary”   -Brooke Shaden

Great pictures taken during night time with beautiful city lights or fireworks are very interesting. But trying a night photography on your own is quite challenging. Correct camera settings are needed in order to create a good one. Proper aperture, shutter speed and high ISO is a must. This was never been easy and requires lot of patience and merely practice specially for first timers.

Just sharing some of my first attempts and a not so good night photos.


Here are some points I learned in my night photography trial and error.

  • Pressing the shutter button with a camera shake always cause a blurry output.
  • Having an improper shutter speed and ISO can lead to a long exposure time response.
  • Look for a better view with a good night lights.
  • Capture everything you want until you got a better one.
  • Lessen your expectations at your first attempts.
  • Always have a good subject and keep your focus on it.
  • Have patience, dedication and more time for practice.
  • Just relax and enjoy capturing photos.



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